Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vintage Plaid Flannel Shirts │ Plaid Flannel Perfection

I am so glad flannels are back in. Like, WAY back in. Because I seem to have a growing collection of them. Couldn't be because I thrift shop a couple days a week -- and have for the past four years? Nah. Couldn't be.

The boyfriend flannel is glorious. Oversized in nature, vintage flannels are superior to anything new. Not kidding here. They're softer, worn-in to perfection and a great size. Vintage mens' flannels in particular and measure best, or also know as the "boyfriend shirt." And hey, who doesn't want to wear their boyfriend's shirt? I certainly would. Always. Like, every day. And in bed. Eating dinner. Going to Starbucks.

Here's my latest acquisition. I'm drooling. The colors in this one are killer.

Click here ◄ for more vintage plaid flannels. I am constantly restocking these as fast as I can ... I am so mad for plaid!

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