Thursday, November 20, 2014

Vintage Pendleton │ Pendleton Blankets │ Pendleton Perfection

I have a serious, serious love for all things Pendleton. If you haven't heard or yet appreciated this company for what they are, you are missing out. Their woolen mills have been in production for decades, since 1889, and their vintage wool is not only always classic and in style, but sometimes, having gently loved items can literally enhance the quality even more so than a new item.

Wool becomes softer, the shirts get that wonderful worn-in feel, and the blankets, hats, and scarves are equally as comfortable the more you wear them. Pendleton isn't just for the Northwest, either. It's for lounging around in and looking amazing in any state or country. It's for staying warm, for all things great outdoors. It's for looking your best.

I'm in love with all their patterns, but especially the Tribal, Native American patterns. Their wool products can be pricey, but for good reason ... if you take care of them, they last a lifetime. Their Cowichan style cardigan sweaters are to die for too.

Got a few pics in of me in  vintage Pendleton blanket (that I'm selling) a vintage Pendleton Shirt (of which I haven't listed yet) and a Pendleton hat (of which I haven't listed yet) and a wonderful cardigan that I just found (which I'm not sure I'll ever list.)  It's all just so awesome!

Click HERE to find all the current Pendleton listings I have on Etsy. The board shirts sell fast!

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