Thursday, March 12, 2015

Simply Mel & Co │ Cream Lace Button Earrings │ Etsy

I'm on an Etsy kick. And why shouldn't I be?  They're practically my employers. And one of the best communities I've ever been involved with.

Today, the focus is on Melissa Suominen, of Simply Mel & Co. She owns this cute boutique shop on Etsy emphasizing hand made fabric covered earrings and hand made infinity scarves.

I'm featuring the cream lace covered button earrings, paired perfectly with a vintage lace blouse. I truly marvel at the talent on Etsy. I work with my hands in styling vintage, and writing, but I'm in no way an artist, or creator in the sense of painting, or drawing, sewing or crafting. These are beautiful. My favorite part about these earrings? Minimalist in nature. Yet, because of the lace, it adds a bit of pizzazz.

But, as you'll see below, I have to blend my lace with something more me ... camo. Awesome.

♦♦Oh, and right now, use code SPRING25 at checkout for 25% off your order through March 31!♦♦ Get to her store! Simply Mel & Co.

 Find Simply Mel & Co on social media:

Applicable Song: Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful? J. Coltrane.



  1. I love Etsy, both selling and buying. I feel like it's a great place for anyone who's looking for unique or handmade pieces. Some of the art and hard work that goes into the things I see on Etsy is amazing.

  2. So true. The sheer talent all over Etsy is insane. I LOVE Etsy. Well, obviously ... :)