Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mad for Plaid Shirts │ All The Time

I have a problem.

It's called "plaid-itis." It HAS to be a real disease. Because I have it. I KNOW I have it. I'm going along splendidly, then I go thrifting and pick one a plaid shirt to sell, then pick one for me, another one to sell, and another one for me. Then I think. Okay, get a grip Heather. I know! I'll go retail shopping. No way can modern plaid get me like vintage plaid.

Yeah. Unfortunately, it doesn't hold true. Not true at all. Went to Old Navy a few days ago and found this awesome blue plaid shirt.

I mean, I found this great Guess mens shirt at Macy's last year (the red and blue one in the pics below.) So, I should've known this disease would get me to the core.

Here's the Old Navy ◄one. I'm in love with it. Only $26. The colors are amazing.

And if you're interested in some vintage ones, click here ◄ to get to my vintage shop... they sell fast though!

 Careful ... this disease is highly contagious.

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