Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Floral Spring Dress by eshakti

Have you heard of eshakti? If you haven't, you need to. This company makes clothing -- and in particular incredible dresses -- that are custom fitted to you. Yes, your size. Every curve, every extra length, every extra edge or finicky part of you that needs some love, they fix this by tailoring it to ...  ready for this -- to you. What a concept, right? Clothes you buy can actually fit you!

For me, long sleeves shirts tend to be too short on me. I have long arms. I also have long legs, so for skirts that I want longer, they can customize them to me so that I get the skirt the exact length I want.

This gorgeous tunic -- which can be worn as a blouse with leggings, or as I did as a dress -- was made to fit me. And it fits perfectly.

Visit eshakti today. Once you've ordered from them, you'll wonder why you're not buying all your clothes from them. Tailor-made clothing is a luxury, and with eshakti, it's now a luxury you can afford.

♥♥ Use code Perennialvintage (in the promo code box) for 10% off your order- good through the 21st of February ♥♥

Dress: eshakti
Sandals:  Forever 21

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Boyfriend Sweaters │ Boyfriend Cardigans │ I Can't Resist

Seriously you guys, I just don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I buy these vintage cardigans and sweaters to sell, but you see, the style right now for women (which I hope lasts forever) is oversized, slouchy, roomy, soft, comfy, boyfriend sweaters with skinny jeans. So, I get a sweater in and take pics, get ready to list it ... and then I fall in love.

It's a vicious, vicious cycle my friends. Vintage takes a hold of your heart and soul and doesn't want to let go. Thereby keeping you captive to never wanting to let go of the clothing.

I don't have room for it ...
I don't have room for it ...
I don't have room for it ...

Keep telling myself that and everything will be alright. It'll be alright ... until the next sweater.

Buy it: Perennial Vintage

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Floral Lace Flower Crown│ Royal Bowtique

This roses and lace head band is beautiful. I've never really worn these before, probably because I feel a bit out of place when I do. Only once did I wear one, at a bohemian Shakesperian festival about fifteen year ago. And I felt like a princess. Not sure why I stopped wanting this feeling. I mean, who doesn't want to feel like royalty?

Clearly, I've been missing out all these years. Because these head bands are gorgeous.

Get yours today at Royal Bowtique.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Casual Day in Dreary Fog

You know, I really should be grateful. California is so-drought ridden that fog -- and all it's necessary dampness -- is really a good thing. It moisturizes every green (and brown) thing around us.

But, fog is also an in-between weather. It isn't rain, it isn't dry, so it's this drizzly, droplet-coated sky and air thing that seriously messes with one's hair, particularly if it's long.

But, as I previously stated, I must be grateful. The moisture is good. If we don't get rain, then by golly, I'll take the dam(p) stuff.

This little number I'm wearing works well for the fog. Sure, the sandals are out, which is kind of absurd in the middle of winter. And most other places, like say Philadelphia for example that has snow, sleet, and rain -- pouring rain -- well, they don't get to wear sandals.  But here, in California, you really can wear sandals or flip-flops almost year round. Except for when it rains, which as I said, is not today -- I'm going in circles here this morning. Must be the fog. Because my brain is in it too.

Now, where'd I put my coffee cup ...

Sweater: Nordstrom
Jeans: Forever21
Sandals: Forever21

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Long Jade Green Maxi Dress │ Spring Dress

You guys, the color of this dress! Just received this goodie from Hang It Up Boutique and I'm in love. The fabric is soft, delicate, and I love the side slits! I paired it with a some wedge sandals and golden-toned accessories to warm it all up.

I'm ready for spring and you can be ready, too. Visit Hang It Up Boutique to find this dress. Comes in black and burgundy as well.

Dress: Hang It Up Boutique
Bag: Bath and Body Works
Sandals: Forever 21
Jewelry: Forever 21

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fair Isle Sweaters

Do you know what "Fair Isle" means?

I didn't. Technically. So I had to look it up, even though I buy and sell this style of sweaters regularly. Fair Isle according to Wikipedia says this: "Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colors. It is named after Fair Isle, a tiny island in the north of Scotland, that forms part of the Shetland islands."

So there you go. I think this term is used loosely today with modern sweaters and cardigans as there's a now a variety of patterns and colors that vary from the traditional Scottish patterns and colors. But, it doesn't make me love it any less.

This cardigan is beautiful to me not only for the fair isle pattern but for the black in it! I paired it with modern touches of course, slashed jeans, boots, hand made leather belt. But adding a cardigan, albeit vintage, makes it a stunning and unique outfit.

Fair Isle Cardigan: Perennial Vintage ◄- Still for sale as I write this!
Jeans: Old Navy
Belt: Made to order- my husband makes them and I hope to sell them in my Etsy shop soon!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Vintage Leopard Cardigan │ Modern Everything Else

As you know, I love vintage. I sell vintage. And I especially love vintage cardigans and sweaters. This lovely cardigan is brand vintage new. Meaning, it still has the original tags (in the pocket) and apparently was never worn, yet it's from the late 80s.

One of my resolutions this year was to save more money. This is my first outfit post of the new year, and already, it reminds me that one can save money and still look amazing at the same time. This ensemble was pretty thrifty. (Details below- click links for the same or comps).

What I love best about this outfit is that it says elegance and casual, at the same time. I paired the vintage cardigan sweater all with modern items, and have a blend that no one else can duplicate, yet keeps me on trend at the same time.

Nothing can do that the way a vintage piece can. Happy new year everyone. 

Shoes: Target
Jeans: Old Navy
Belt: Old Navy
Necklace: Forever 21
Cardigan Sweater: Perennial Vintage ◄ Yes, it's for sale!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mad for Plaid Shirts │ All The Time

I have a problem.

It's called "plaid-itis." It HAS to be a real disease. Because I have it. I KNOW I have it. I'm going along splendidly, then I go thrifting and pick one a plaid shirt to sell, then pick one for me, another one to sell, and another one for me. Then I think. Okay, get a grip Heather. I know! I'll go retail shopping. No way can modern plaid get me like vintage plaid.

Yeah. Unfortunately, it doesn't hold true. Not true at all. Went to Old Navy a few days ago and found this awesome blue plaid shirt.

I mean, I found this great Guess mens shirt at Macy's last year (the red and blue one in the pics below.) So, I should've known this disease would get me to the core.

Here's the Old Navy ◄one. I'm in love with it. Only $26. The colors are amazing.

And if you're interested in some vintage ones, click here ◄ to get to my vintage shop... they sell fast though!

 Careful ... this disease is highly contagious.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Starting Over

Starting over is sort of how I see myself right now. And not because it's a new year.

I really feel like I want to start over.

I'm not one to wear my heart on my sleeve, but this year was one of the best and probably one of the worst years for so many different reasons. And though I won't go into detail, I can say that I'm glad the last year is done. I can regain some control.

I realize I never had control to begin with. But, I also realize pain, anger, frustration and REAL heartache are a part of living. And when that part is over, albeit temporarily, it feels like I've found my path again.

 Trust and pain and hope, and using those to the best of our abilities, these are issues none of us want to deal with, but ones we have to deal with in order to learn anything. And most importantly, to mature. If we can't handle pain the right way, we don't grow. At all. We're like a tree without fruit. What a waste.

I laughed over things that I never would've laughed at before this year.
I cried over things that I never would've EVER thought to cry over this year.
And all of it, the good and the bad, the ugly and the pretty, the highs and lows, all of it was necessary.

I am on a road that God laid out for me. It's not always as clear as this picture. Some days, the path is so obstructed with distractions that I {knowingly and unknowingly} placed in my way that I cannot find my way back. But, it's still there nonetheless. And it's up to me to stay on that path -- amidst trials and heartache and joyous occasions -- and not give up.

So, I won't give up. On life, on my dreams, on anything. Despite what I meet along the path.

Mostly, because God never gives up on me.