Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyber Monday Sale 2014 │Perennial Vintage

Are you ready? Are your fingers ready to shop? Do you have your cup of coffee or tea filled and ready to offer you deparching fulfillment? (Deparching is not a word, I know) Are your eyes are glued to your PC or smart phone? Well, I hope so. Because my Cyber Monday Sale is on right now!

Get to Perennial Vintage ◄(click on the link) and get shopping! The entire store is on sale.

Use code CYBER20 for 20% your whole order.

Don't forget to have fun too! I'll be around. If you have questions, want to check measurements, shoot me an email. I'm here to help.

You see how excited I am? Even my husband is excited about Cyber Monday.


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Small Business Saturday │ Perennial Vintage Sale

Hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous! This is what I did in the morning of Thanksgiving. The Run To Feed the Hungry 5k, which is one of the largest 5k runs in the nation. It is an amazing way to raise funds for the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services. I ran it with my oldest son, and it was his first 5k. He did better than me, of course. Though, I did finish 4th for my age group. Not too shabby, I suppose.

Many of you took advantage of my Black Friday sale. So, yay for you all!

Just a friendly reminder that today is Small Business Saturday. This means, PLEASE go to your own local town, city, village or whatever you're in, and shop from your merchants today. It helps your community,creates unity and as a bonus, you meet new people, make new friends and score some great deals. This may be the only time I ask you to shop local rather than shop at my store.

Having said that, once you're finished shopping local (or if you're local to the Sacramento area!) stop by my vintage shop online, Perennial Vintage, and poke around. It's 25% off all day, until 9:00pm pacific time tonight.

Use code BIZ25 at checkout for 25% off everything!

Hope you and your families had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Many people had to work that day, including my husband who is a firefighter. So for those who were with their families, I'm glad you got to be with them. Appreciate them, love them, because not everyone gets to be home that day. And some risk their lives that day and everyday at work.

I am thankful for him, my family and for all of you who support me. Thank you!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday Sale │ Perennial Vintage

So, tomorrow night's the big night. My 30% off sale at PERENNIAL VINTAGE starts tomorrow night at 8:00 pm Pacific Time (or slightly before if I can roll myself away from my parents table and get back home) and goes through 9:00pm PacificTime, Black Friday.

But ... if you miss that day, there's always the Small Business Saturday event, which means 25% off the entire store, and then Cyber Monday, which means 20% off the entire store. So, believe me, I'm really motivated to sell everything, and give deals left and right. It's going to be a great next five days! I'm just so thankful that I get to do this! I mean, sell vintage? Sell vintage clothing? What a life!

Hoping to get this gorgeous sweater listed soon, too. It's a vintage Yves Saint Laurent, Rive Gauche cardigan. I know. I hyperventilated at this one (which I tend to do a lot at thrift stores). But, this is only my 4th YSL item I've found EVER in four years of treasure hunting. So, yeah. They are rare. And it's hyper-ventilating worthy.

Pairs great with skinny jeans and suede tan booties!
Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Beanie Hat │ Beanie Love │ Modern Vintage Boutique

I saw this beanie one day that looked amazing. A lady was wearing it, and I just HAD to have one like it. I kept staring at it, following her around the grocery store to get a better look. I rushed home and went to the computer. My iPhone wasn't going to cut it. But after doing a great deal of online searching, I found them!! And now, I have a new favorite boutique because of it. Modern Vintage Boutique. One of the best, most sophisticated and fun boutique I've ever come across.

WARNING: When you go to their site, be prepared for major drooling, lack of self control and the desire to empty your bank account due to WANTING every item in the store! I'm not kidding here. Oh, and when you see something you love, snap it up! Their inventory on many items go so fast, that you barely have time to  put them in your cart before it's gone. No joke there either.

I love my beanie. Just ordered another one in charcoal gray, and there will be a huge sale on ALL their colors (like fifteen of them!) at Modern Vintage Boutique at the Black Friday Sale event this Friday! Tell your friends and shop away online in your PJs ... because you know that's where I'll be.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Handmade Dresser │ Sapele Wood Dresser │ USA Made Furniture

Today is an epic day. At least for me. Why? Because my husband just finished (last night) the dresser he had been promising to make me for about a decade. It's sort of a running joke in our house when I say "Oh, I want a headboard or a side table," to which he responds, "I can make that." I roll my eyes, he laughs, and so the battle continues. And I wait.

Well, after years of hearing this (and sometimes he does make what I ask ... and sometimes I don't have the patience to wait another ten years and so I buy it), he finally finished this beauty. This isn't just any dresser, but a gorgeous Sapele wood (it's from Africa!) handmade dresser with hundreds of man hours put into it. This is heirloom quality. This also weighs about two hundred pounds or more. So, it's not going anywhere. Ever.

True, you can buy something machine made, somewhere in China and have it waiting for you at Pottery Barn. But, you can't put a price tag on something that is hand made, with real wood, in the good 'ole US of A. Well, actually you can. And it costs a lot. But that's not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about the blood, sweat and tears (mine-- in that it took so long to make and how beautiful it was when it WAS done). I'm talking about the love put into it. I'm talking about how proud I am of him. And how we have something to pass down to our boys.

This is very much like vintage clothing. It has a history. A patina. Love and blood, sweat and tears are involved in vintage clothing. They have stories to tell. They know hard work. This dresser will be that vintage item, in no sooner than twenty years. It will have a history. It will have a patina (Lord knows I'll be careless enough to leave a coffee cup on it without a coaster-- hopefully, my husband will forgive me). It will have stories to tell. And I hope my kids will remember them all.

Oh and sorry, he's not available for commissioned pieces ... there's still a list of about ten more pieces that I am waiting on ...

Can you see how happy I am? Very.

-HJS- Perennial Vintage

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Buffalo Plaid │ Vintage Buffalo Plaid Shirts

These amazing wool shirts, in buffalo plaid pattern, have been in use for decades and decades. And fortunately for me, they're back in again. This one is gorgeously vintage, worn-in to perfection and is for sale in my store right now. I always stock them when they become available. Always. So if I'm out, never fear. I get them in regularly. This one is so cool because it show a little wear of age, due to oxidation. Makes me love it even more. Think of this as history. A great patina. You can't buy it that way new.

And nearly everyone looks good in plaid ...especially buffalo plaid.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Vintage Pendleton │ Pendleton Blankets │ Pendleton Perfection

I have a serious, serious love for all things Pendleton. If you haven't heard or yet appreciated this company for what they are, you are missing out. Their woolen mills have been in production for decades, since 1889, and their vintage wool is not only always classic and in style, but sometimes, having gently loved items can literally enhance the quality even more so than a new item.

Wool becomes softer, the shirts get that wonderful worn-in feel, and the blankets, hats, and scarves are equally as comfortable the more you wear them. Pendleton isn't just for the Northwest, either. It's for lounging around in and looking amazing in any state or country. It's for staying warm, for all things great outdoors. It's for looking your best.

I'm in love with all their patterns, but especially the Tribal, Native American patterns. Their wool products can be pricey, but for good reason ... if you take care of them, they last a lifetime. Their Cowichan style cardigan sweaters are to die for too.

Got a few pics in of me in  vintage Pendleton blanket (that I'm selling) a vintage Pendleton Shirt (of which I haven't listed yet) and a Pendleton hat (of which I haven't listed yet) and a wonderful cardigan that I just found (which I'm not sure I'll ever list.)  It's all just so awesome!

Click HERE to find all the current Pendleton listings I have on Etsy. The board shirts sell fast!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Boot Socks │ Winter Wear

So, I seriously said no to boot socks for a long time. Like ... a very long time. Why? Because I am a child of the  1980s. Boot socks, though I know this isn't true, are like leg warmers. And I know many of you are WAY to young to understand what a novelty -- and thereby abused and horrific style trend that came out of the 80s -- that leg warmers once were. But they were. And I thought that ship had sailed.

Apparently, EVERYTHING is cyclical in the fashion world. Not just some things. Everything.

In essence, leg warmers weren't "cool" to me. It's all jumbled together with Cindy Lauper (Um ... Google her people), break-dancing (Okay, this is still cool) and Back to the Future Movies (which will explain in depth what my childhood was all about).

But, leg warmers are actually kind of cool to me now, not for exercise, per se, which is what they were for in the 1980s, but with boots, and skinny jeans. So, this is good news. And Boot socks are really, really amazing! I found the best pair at this fantastic little online boutique called Closet Candy Boutique.

I LOVE them. Now, I need more, in different colors. Don't know how I lived without these before. Especially for me, as I have small calves and am always trying to fill in the boot space around my leg. These do the trick beautifully! They pair perfectly with a vintage top. A little vintage, a little modern, and all is well!

Boot Socks, from  Closet Candy Boutique: Click Here ◄ to get them!
Boots, from Target: Click Here ◄ to get them!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Black Friday Vintage Sale │ Perennial Vintage on Etsy

Hey there! Just wanted to give you a sneak peak to what kind of a sale I'll be having in a few short days.

Biggest sale EVER. Tell your friends! Visit Perennial Vintage to make a list and check it twice. ♥

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vintage Plaid Flannel Shirts │ Plaid Flannel Perfection

I am so glad flannels are back in. Like, WAY back in. Because I seem to have a growing collection of them. Couldn't be because I thrift shop a couple days a week -- and have for the past four years? Nah. Couldn't be.

The boyfriend flannel is glorious. Oversized in nature, vintage flannels are superior to anything new. Not kidding here. They're softer, worn-in to perfection and a great size. Vintage mens' flannels in particular and measure best, or also know as the "boyfriend shirt." And hey, who doesn't want to wear their boyfriend's shirt? I certainly would. Always. Like, every day. And in bed. Eating dinner. Going to Starbucks.

Here's my latest acquisition. I'm drooling. The colors in this one are killer.

Click here ◄ for more vintage plaid flannels. I am constantly restocking these as fast as I can ... I am so mad for plaid!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cardigan Crazy │ Vintage Cardigans

I do tend to talk about (and write about) cardigans, because I'm in love with them. I've pretty much owned cardigans my whole life. And yes, I wear them. Just ask my sisters. And I am excited to see the oversize cardigans back in fashion again.

Cardigans can dress up and "make perfect" most any outfit. This was me yesterday. Just got this cardigan in (it's gold with shimmer to it!) and will be listing it in the shop tomorrow!

I'm also posting this outfit to a really amazing blog, called Pumps and Pushups. Seriously good stuff there! Fashion, health, hair ... um, it's an all-in-one stop. Perfection!

Click here ◄ for the current inventory of cardigans in my shop.

All photographs copyright, Heather Spiva, 2014.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's a Dog's Life │ American River │Nature in it's Finest

We went down to the river on Veteran's Day, since it's literally a mile or so from our house. The weather was perfect, water beautiful and my dog (a goldendoodle named Sierra) found herself so comfortable, she seemed to imply that she wasn't coming home with us.

My boys, though complaining about the walk, loved every second of it too ... once we were there.

It's amazing how wonderful a result, a peaceful and thought-provoking a trip to the river can accomplish.

Nature in it's finest ... there's nothing else like it. Enjoy your Autumn!

Of course, my shirt is a vintage flannel as is the belt...
All photos copyright Heather Spiva, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vintage Sweaters │ You Can't Have Too Many

Okay, so this may not exactly be true. You can have too many, so that your closet is bursting at the seams.

Not a bad problem to have. Only here, in California, our winters are short and not nearly as cold as they should be.

So, my sweaters have to be paired down to what I really want to wear when the weather finally allows.

Here are four new sweaters I just listed at my shop!

Sweaters: ◄Click to find sweaters. I only have like a hundred listed!
Enjoy this sweater weather.
Because, I sure am...