Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Vintage Hawaiian │ End of Summer

I love vintage Hawaiian like I love coffee.

A lot.

And you know what's so awesome about getting invited to luau-themed party and having all this vintage Hawaiian to wear?

GETTING to wear it!

Guess who got invited? Yep.

As did the rest of my family. And I am able to dress them accordingly from my personal collection and some from what's currently for sale in my shop.

Now, you don't need a luau to wear these gorgeous things. Everyone loves Hawaii everywhere. But, it sure does help to have a party to go to!

Need some aloha in your life at the end of your summer?

Want to throw an awesome luau but want a little something for you to wear to it?

Get it here! ◄ (mens or womens)

I seriously love vintage Hawaiian, I stock and sell vintage Hawaiian like you wouldn't believe (it's easier to find here on the West Coast) and I wear it.

Now, get yourself a Mai-tai, peruse my shop for your perfect vintage Hawaiian, and say aloha to the end of summer.


Monday, July 31, 2017

Almost Autumn │ Vintage Fall Clothing

It's August 1st tomorrow. And in my book, that is first day of the onset of Fall.

Never mind that it's suppose to be 105 degrees then. Really. No joke.

But, I'm all about optimism. 105 or not, it's the beginning of back-to-school.
And with that, my vintage shop is about bringing in all the good Autumnal clothing.

Which is really, really good. All the things I want to wear now, I'll just pretend that I can and begin listing them in my shop. Basically, it's the clothing I'd wear year 'round if I could: sweater, jeans, jackets, boots.

I'm happy about this. And you should be too. Vintage fall clothing is headed to the shop!
And August 11th through the 13th, I'll have a little fall sale too just to kick off the season.

Welcome back my fall friends and welcome back to vintage wools, thick cottons, canvas, and leather.

All the good stuff.


PS. If you're itching to get your fall shopping on now, have no fear. I always stock fall/winter clothing. Go here ◄now to check it ou!